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Why Use a Straw to Drink?

A straw is a common item in everyone's life, and a straw is used in many scenes in life. When we buy beverage products in fast food restaurants such as KFC, McDonald's, the clerk will hand us a straw; coffee shops will also provide hot coffee straws; there are also special carbonated drinks in restaurants, most people choose to use drinking straws to drink.

When drinking beverages, some people choose to use a straw instead of drinking directly from the bottle. Why? SOTON, a reliable disposable tableware manufacturer, will answer for you.

Why do people use straws to drink?

The main use of the straw is to increase the irritation of the drink to the tip of the tongue. There are about 3,000 taste buds on the adult tongue, so you can taste a variety of flavors and even distinguish tiny differences. It is a wonderful thing to activate these taste buds with different kinds of beverages. If you sip the beverage directly into your mouth and drink a large amount of beverage in one breath, the contact area between the liquid and the tip of the tongue is small, so people cannot perceive the taste of the liquid in detail, and the pleasure of drinking the beverage is also reduced.

Second, this eating habit is slower. Sipping a drink slowly with a reusable biodegradable straw is more interesting than a sip, and there is more time to enjoy the delicious drink.

Another advantage of straws is to protect our teeth. Usually beverages contain a lot of acidic substances, such as citric acid and phosphoric acid, which will corrode tooth enamel, thereby harming the health of teeth, and drinking straws can minimize contact with teeth.

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