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The Magical Functions of Disposable Gloves

Biodegradable disposable gloves are very common in our lives. For example, we use them when we eat crayfish. Not only that, they also have a lot of magic uses. They can be used to pack toothpaste when traveling, which can reduce unnecessary luggage. In addition, there are other tips, so let's take a look at the magical functions and types of disposable gloves.


Magical function one: it is used to store toothpaste and toothbrushes in our home, especially when we are traveling. We can take out biodegradable disposable gloves or environmental bags at this time, and put the toothbrushes in the finger cots separately, so that they can be installed separately. This separation is to prevent the odor of several toothbrushes together, and the phenomenon of cross-infection, which is very practical and convenient. It is also very convenient to store it, which gives us a safe, hygienic and practical effects. You can try it.


Magical function two:  when we go out, a can of tea takes up a lot of space. At this time, we can take out biodegradable disposable gloves and pour some tea in it. In this way, it won't take up any space  when we go out and bring a little. You can try it!

Magical function three: we take out a pair of scissors, and then cut off the finger cots of the disposable glove. After cutting it, we can put detergent or shower gel or shampoo in it. After installing it, We take out the iron wire at home, or something to tie it, everyone must remember that it must be tied tightly here, and don't miss it. Then when we travel and stay in a hotel, many friends don't use hotel shampoo and shower gel. This time you can bring your own at home, when you are traveling. You can also wash clothes with a little laundry detergent, since the effect is very good.

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