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What Are the Advantages of Using Cornstarch Spoons and Forks?

1. Cornstarch spoon and fork are eco-friendly

Cornstarch spoon and fork are made of natural cornstarch, plant fiber and polypropylene. The content of cornstarch and polypropylene is 53% and 47% respectively, which is environmentally friendly.

2.Cornstarch spoon and fork are natural and safe

We provide natural, non-genetically modified and non-toxic disposable tableware sets for you and your family. Soton's cornstarch spoon and fork are LFGB and FDA certified, and have stable performance and low price. To ensure your safety and health, please use BPA-free tableware certified by FDA for your convenience.

3. Cornstarch spoon and fork are durable and reusable

The cornstarch spoon and fork are suitable for hot food (heat resistant temperatures up to 248°F) and can be used in microwave oven because of high strength and flexibility. Therefore, this disposable tableware is reliable, durable and reusable.

The cornstarch spoon and fork are designed to be used with food. You can eat food, salads and fruit conveniently with our cornstarch spoon and fork.

The cornstarch biodegradable spoons and forks are made of food-grade natural materials to ensure the recyclability. Our products are lightweight, and can decorate the dining table, which are widely used in banquets, parties and other activities.

Our cornstarch spoon and fork are perfect for barbecues, weddings, parties, picnics and other activities. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.

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