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The Debut Of SOTON In The Open-air Ecological Park: Food, Scenery And Barbecue. How Happy!

There comes the Birthday Gala of June. What are the surprises this time? Let’s take a look at it together!

Sharing the Food and the Beautiful Scenery

This Birthday Party was held in the open-air ecological park of the new plant of SOTON. People will not only enjoy the delicious food served at the Birthday Party but also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the ecological park in the air.



Now let’s take a look at the delicious food served: shredded beef, spicy broiled fish, stewed chicken with mushroom and Yiwu Wonton, etc. So many new style fishes never showed before. What’s more, many delicious fruits are also served.

A mouth-watering delicacy


The Birthday Party in the open air will get people to chat and appreciate the beautiful scenery whilst enjoying the delicious food. Plus the breezy air coming. It is quite comfortable.


BBQ Festival

These are far from enough. BBQ on a summer night is a must. Let us see what food they have! Meat makes the festival even happier.


Now, here comes the BBQ cooker. The BBQ is set beside the vegetable garden. Just let the birthday star rest, and the friends at the logistics department and I serve others.

Eating Cake

As the most important link, eating cake is the most important thing tonight. It is warm when the birthday stars sit around the cake and make wishes. Let‘s wish for all our birthday stars: Happy Birthday.

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