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How Much Do You Know About Environmental Bags?

1. Biodegradable recycled eco bag categorization

Biodegradable plastic shopping bags can be divided into biodegradable plastic bags for direct food contact and biodegradable plastic shopping bags for non-food contact according to whether they are in contact with food.

(1) Recyclable biodegradable plastic eco bag

It is made of biodegradable resin as the main raw material and has a carrying structure. It is an environmental protection bag used to hold and carry goods in sales and service places.

(2) Eco bags made of biodegradable materials for direct food contact

Films made from various biodegradable resins as main raw materials, which are processed by bag-making processes such as heat-bonding or gluing, exist or are expected to come into contact with food or food additives under normal conditions of use, or their components may migrate to food in plastic eco-bags.

(3)  Biodegradable plastic recycled eco bag for non-food interaction

The film is produced from various biodegradable resins as the main raw material, which is processed by bag-making processes such as heat-bonding or gluing. It is a plastic environmental-friendly shopping bag that does not directly contact food or food additives.

2. The appearence of a biodegradable recyclable eco bag

The film of the degradable eco-friendly bag should be uniform and flat, and there should be no air bubbles, perforations (excluding designed ventilation holes), poor plasticization, fish-eye stiffness, silk lines, hanging lines, wrinkles (excluding folding) that hinder the use. creases caused by normal folding) and other defects.

3. Recycled biodegradable eco bag packaging

Biodegradable plastic shopping bags are generally packaged in plastic films, woven bags or cartons, and can also be determined through negotiation between the supplier and the buyer.

4. Recycled biodegradable eco bag packaging mark

The name of the manufacturer, the name of the product, the batch number or date of production, the number of plastic shopping bags per unit, the number of this standard, etc. shall be indicated on the packaging, and a quality inspection certificate shall be attached.

5. Transportation of biodegradable recyclable eco bag

Biodegradable plastic shopping bags should be kept away from heat sources above 50°C during transportation, avoid sunlight, rain, trampling, mechanical collision and contact with sharp objects. It is strictly forbidden to mix with toxic, harmful and odorous items, and the outer packaging must be kept intact during handling.

6. Biodegradable recyclable eco bags storage

The product should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse, avoid sunlight and rain, and keep away from pollution sources, heat sources above 50 ℃, moisture-proof, rodent-proof and insect-proof. The reasonable storage period should be determined according to the performance of the biodegradable plastic shopping bags. The shelf life of storage is not less than one year.

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