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Soton's glass straw is made of high borosilicate material, which is resistant to high temperature, non-friable, and clear. It is easy to clean and can be reused. The product can be produced of straight, bent, sharp, and bamboo elbow shape with a diameter range of 6-12mm and length range of 150-300mm. Different colors and sizes can be customized as well as the packaging.

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Specifications of Glass Straws

Diameter from 6-12mm, Length from 150-300mm

Advantages of Glass Straws

We, as a glass straw manufacturer, have a strong awareness of environmental protection and hope to spare no efforts to ease pollution conditions and decrease toxins to help build a green planet. Actually, every piece of plastic ever made still exists in some shape or form. This is why we promulgate Plastic Ban Order! The reusable glass drinking straws are fashionable and good-looking and are very suitable for consumers to take home. Eco glass straws have various styles and colorful colors, which are loved by young people. The glass reusable straws are transparent, so it is easier to clean them than other reusable straws because you can see the inside surface. 

  • The product is made of high borosilicate, which has high-temperature resistance and firm

  • The glass straw is easy to clean, reusable and environmentally friendly

  • The glass straw has over 10 different colors to choose from. Suitable for all the customers

Bulk Buy Custom Glass Straws From Soton

SOTON DAILY NECESSITIES CO., LTD. is able to custom glass straws according to the requirements of customers. We support glass straws bulk and glass straws wholesale and offer various styles of glass straws for sale. If you want to buy custom glass straws, feel free to contact us.

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