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Plastic Straws Will Be Banned! Will

At a time when the pollution problem of plastic products is becoming more and more serious, the ban on the use of plastic straws seems to be expected. We consume an average of 30 straws per person each year, which shows how popular the straws are by some consumers. The habit of using straws is difficult to change for a while. After the ban on plastic straws, this vacant market will give birth to new business opportunities.

1. The emergence of biodegradable straws

As for the banned substitutes for plastic straws, people have already begun to study. Although biodegradable straws have appeared now, their cost is more than three times that of plastic straws. The next thing we need to do is to see if there are cheaper bio straws that can replace plastic straws.

In Shandong, China, some people use wheat stalks to replace straws, and the monthly sales volume can reach 1 million at most. We know that wheat stalks are waste. The amount of seeds planted per mu of wheat is about 15 kilograms, and one kilogram of seeds contains about 12,000 grains of wheat. In other words, we can get at least 180,000 strains of materials that can be used to make wheat bio straws and eco cutlery set per mu of land.

2. Bio straws made of wheat straw

One wheat stalk can make two straws, and we can make nearly 400,000 straws per mu of wheat. There is no cost for wheat stalks, and the biggest cost of making wheat bio straws is labor. It is believed that as the mechanization of wheat straws increases, labor costs will be greatly reduced.

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