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Biodegradable Straws Are Young People's Favorites

Due to the cost, paper straws have become the first choice of more merchants in the competition with biodegradable straws that are also eco-friendly alternatives. However, countless consumers began to prefer biodegradable plastic straws bulk in the more than ten days of this official replacement. It is recommended that beverage stores use biodegradable straws.

1. Reasons that make everyone change their attitudes towards paper straw uses

First of all, when it comes to paper straws in eco container cups, the changed wheat whirlwind and the sealed cup lid that cannot be poked have made people feel very unpleasant, and the bad experience in the field of hot milk tea makes many milk tea lovers even begin to refuse to drink it.

Secondly, some people describe drinking milk tea with a paper straw as sucking a used toilet paper core, with a slightly musty smell of recycled paper in addition to grinding your throat. According to incomplete statistics, netizens once drank dozens of speechless flavors such as stickers, nail polish, wall paint, and shampoo in paper straws. 

2. The advantages of biodegradable plastic straws

"The invention of plastic was originally to overcome the water absorption of paper products, but when people were trying to eliminate the adverse impact caused by plastic products, paper straws have been admired again, which makes people sigh." The researcher of biodegradable plastics said, "The advantage of the biodegradable plastic straws is that it not only meets the environmental protection needs of plastic pollution control but also retains the original use performance advantages of plastics."

People have developed and produced biodegradable plastic products such as disposable plastic plates and bowls based on ecologically degradable plastic technology. Without changing the original plastic products' use performance, this technology enables the degradation of polyethylene plastics that initially took hundreds of years in nature to be degraded in just a few years. Through light and thermal oxidation and environmental microbial action, it accelerates the degradation into the water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter, returns to the ecological circle and achieves complete degradation.

The compostable straws wholesale that satisfy the taste and consider environmental protection are surprisingly successful in this battle for milk tea lovers.

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