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Degradable Straws Have More Advantages Than Paper Straws

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many milk tea shops have replaced plastic straws with paper straws, but paper straws are not as good as degradable straws. The emergence of degradable straws is well received. What is the difference between degradable straws and paper straws?

1. The difference between biodegradable straws and paper straws

Paper straws are made of food-grade paper, which can be degraded in the soil after several months of use. After use, paper straws can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature to generate carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), which directly enter the soil. It becomes organic matter that is absorbed by plants, does not cause greenhouse effect, does not pollute the environment, and truly comes from nature and belongs to nature.

Biodegradable straws is a new type of polyester material produced by using renewable plants as raw materials, through microbial fermentation and extraction to obtain lactic acid, and then through refining, dehydration oligomerization, pyrolysis and polymerization. Degradable straws have the basic characteristics of general polymer materials, can be used for most synthetic plastics, and can be widely used in various industries.

2. The advantages of biodegradable straws over paper straws

The monomer of the degradable straw, lactic acid, is a food additive and a biocompatible substance, so the degradable straw is a material with higher food contact safety, and the degradable straw has excellent biodegradability.

The degradable straw has various characteristics of pla material, and it is a healthy and environmentally friendly straw. It mainly uses corn, cassava and other plants as raw materials, and is processed and manufactured by scientific technology. Compared with paper straws, it has the following advantages:

(1) Clean, hygienic and safe to use, meeting the requirements of developed consciousness.

(2) It has recycling value and can be recycled.

(3) It can be degraded into organic fertilizer, returning to nature, which greatly protects the social and ecological environment.

Based on the original plastic straws, SOTON DAILY NECESSITIES CO., LTD.Y.W. has researched and developed PLA biodegradable straws. The production of degradable straws effectively avoids white pollution and conforms to the development trend of international green environmental protection.

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