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Tips for Purchasing Eco-Friendly Disposable Gloves

1. Review of brand development of disposable gloves

Gloves are a special thing with multiple uses, but they didn't appear to protect your hands. In ancient Greece, gloves were used as a special tableware for pilaf. In Europe in the 13th century, gloves slowly evolved into a female ornament. Today, gloves have become a necessary thing for heat preservation in cold areas, and they are also protective articles for medical medicine, industrial manufacturing and electronic production. In recent years, the types and application fields of environmentally friendly disposable gloves have been continuously expanding, and the demand is also increasing year by year.

2. The classification: performance analysis of various disposable gloves

Nitrile gloves: 100% synthetic nitrile rubber is used and processed by dipping process. It does not contain protein, so it will not cause allergic reactions. Corrosion resistance, ESD performance, NVR (no voltage release), extractable ion content and LPC level are all better than latex gloves, but the price is more expensive than latex gloves.

PVC gloves: PVC paste resin, plasticizer as the main raw materials, stabilizers and other additives as auxiliary materials, the use of impregnation process plasticizing molding disposable protective gloves. PVC disposable gloves are slightly less elastic than latex gloves and nitrile gloves, but their prices are relatively cheap.

Latex gloves: It is mainly made of natural latex plus stabilizers and catalysts, and adopts the coagulant impregnation method to process and form the mold and dry rubber film products. Latex gloves are suitable for medical examination and health protection. The products do not distinguish between left and right hands. They are flexible and convenient for one-time use. But it contains collagen can cause skin allergies and other predisposing symptoms, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. At the same time, latex gloves have poor ESD performance and high content of extractable ions.

PE disposable gloves are made of polyethylene raw materials and other additives through blow molding and heat sealing. Although PE gloves are low in price, they have shortcomings such as poor flexibility, easy damage, and affect operation after wearing. They are low-end products and are mainly used in the catering field with a small market share.

3. Advantages and disadvantages: The quality of disposable gloves is more important than the price.

According to relevant data, the prices of environmental disposable gloves are nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves and PE gloves in descending order. Therefore, many enterprises purchase and wholesalers only rely on the price advantage when purchasing gloves, while ignoring the quality and performance of gloves. This also often leads to a lot of problems, gloves cause allergies to doctors or patients; the ion precipitation rate of gloves is too high, affecting the product yield; low cleanliness of gloves leads to food safety problems, etc., these problems are different. Therefore, the wholesale of gloves should pay more attention to the quality while looking at the price.

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