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Choose the Real Eco-friendly Food Bags

When shopping in stores and markets, many businesses still use non-food plastic bags for packaging food. Most of these plastic packaging bags are "three-no" products. For example, some are recycled plastic products made from recycled waste plastic. Such plastic packaging bags for packaging food will endanger the health of consumers. Therefore, for your health, we should choose real eco friendly food bags.

When selecting and using qualified eco-friendly food bags, the following points should be noted:

1. The outer packaging of eco friendly food bags must have  logos, label the factory name, factory address, product name, and indicate the words "for food" in obvious places, and the product inspection certificate should be attached after the product leaves the factory.

2. Eco friendly food bags are odorless when they leave the factory. Plastic bags with special odors cannot be used for food packaging.

3. Colored plastic packaging bags (such as black, red) cannot be used for food packaging. Because this kind of plastic packaging bags are often made of recycled plastic.

4. It is best to buy food packaging bags in large shopping malls instead of street stalls.

It is recommended to choose a biodegradable environmentally friendly reusable bag when choosing food bags. According to the research of experts, it takes four to five hundred years for ordinary plastic bags to begin to degrade. During this period, whether it is incineration or landfill, it will take up a lot of land resources, or incineration, which will produce toxic gas and endanger people's health.

The degradable eco friendly food bags produced by SOTON DAILY NECESSITIES CO.,LTD.Y.W are degraded into water, carbon dioxide, and soil organic matter in natural environments such as light and heat because of the addition of EBP degradation masterbatch with independent intellectual property rights to the polyethylene substrate. The degradation time is controllable, and it does not produce harmful substances to the environment.

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