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Small Items, Great Role

After drinking with plastic biodegradable straws, throw it away? Don't worry, we can also rinse it and use it as a life helper.

1. To make vacuum sealed bag

 It is not easy to oxidize for some food or silver jewelry in the vacuum sealed bag. Take a zipper bag, put the article and one end of the degradable soft reusable straw together, pull the zipper bag up,and use your mouth to suck out air through the degradable straw until it absorbs light completely, quickly pull out the degradable straw and pull the chain. It became a vacuum bag.

2. Fix the instant noodle box

When we make instant noodles, the lid will not be very tight, which will affect the quality of the instant noodles. Take a bendable plastic degradable straw, cut it at 2.5 cm on the left and right sides of the extension, and cut it longitudinally. It is a convenient clip that can be used multiple times. When using it, pull the stretchable part of the clip apart and get stuck at the torn part, which is very firm.

3. Make cases

Our pencils, eyebrow pencils, and small scissors for trimming eyebrows can all find plastic biodegradable straws of suitable thickness. Cut the appropriate length into a small case that is safe and dust proof.

4. Flower arrangement utensils

When we make flower arrangements, some flower stems are not strong. You can put the plastic degradable straws on, or cut the plastic degradable straws, wrap the flower stems, and then use transparent glue to make a simple fix. The flower stems will have sufficient support, and this kind of flower arrangement effect is very good.

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