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How to Design and Process Paper Drinking Straw Correctly?

At present, many international catering facilities, are considering banning the use of plastic straws, including McDonald's and other catering companies that have gradually stopped using them. Earlier, the brand's catering agency announced that it would mainly choose paper material in stores. Therefore, paper straws can replace disposable plastic straws. Nowadays, what are the characteristics of the paper straws produced and processed by manufacturers in the use process?

Ⅰ. Material update of biodegradable paper straws

Nowadays, plastic straws have been gradually replaced. Due to the current paper straw materials, it is easy to disintegrate during use. Therefore, it has become a major problem in many fields. The current people's concept of life has changed. The use of straw is gradually replaced by biodegradable plastic straws, which not only effectively protect the environment, but also save the actual application cost. At the same time, they can gradually be recognized and promoted in the food and beverage field, which meets the requirements of environmental sanitation.

Ⅱ. Rich design of biodegradable paper straws

In the design and production of biodegradable paper straws and other biodegradable products like biodegradable plates and utensils, based on different user needs, please follow different diameters and sizes, custom processing, and the paper straw processing color and pattern page can be customized, such as gold striped paper straws, red and white paper straws, both can be rationally designed and used, which reflects the value of using biodegradable paper straws. Through the new process for production and processing, the provision of grain supports the promotion of paper straws.

And through the sample design of the beverage paper straw, in fact, it can better reflect other characteristics, which can improve the efficiency of certain applications during use and in the product itself. The biodegradable paper straw is also clean, hygienic, easy to use, and environmentally friendly, at the same time, it meets the development needs of the times.

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