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Degradable Garbage Bags Are Coming!

The raw materials of traditional plastics are polymer compounds, which have stable structure and are not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms. Non-degradable plastic bags will take hundreds of years to be broken and degraded. To give a more specific example, if a plastic bag is placed in the land for a long time, it can pollute the land and threaten the lives of animals and fish!

1. Reject white pollution, starting with the use of degradable environmental protection bags

White pollution has always been the sword of Damocles hanging over people's heads. The replacement of plastic bags has become the general trend. In fact, the biggest disadvantage of plastic bags is their undegradability, and the implementation of the policy has spawned degradable products. The degradable garbage bags have good mechanical properties, are environmentally harmless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Rejecting white pollution should start with rejecting non-degradable plastic bags, comprehensively promote the use of degradable plastic bags, and strengthen environmental awareness.

2. The degradable environmental protection bag

Nowadays, people are gradually aware of various problems caused by plastic pollution, and have begun to take measures, such as the "plastic ban" prohibiting the use of disposable plastic products, degradable environmental bags instead of plastic bags, etc. Among them, the biodegradable environmental protection bag adopts a biodegradable process, so that Eco bags do not need to go through hundreds of years of baptism, and can be completely degraded in just 7 months without posing a threat to the environment. It is an indispensable part of the plastic ban. link. Plastic pollution control is not an overnight thing, there is a long way to go; but we always believe that the problem of environmental pollution is controllable by human beings. As long as we work together and live in harmony with nature, everything on earth will last forever!

Affected by today's garbage classification, the sales of classified garbage cans, intelligent garbage recycling machines, kitchen waste shredders and other products have increased dramatically on major e-commerce websites. In terms of garbage bags, as everyone consciously pays attention to environmental protection, they have purchased all kinds of "ecological garbage bags" and "environmental protection garbage bags", especially the garbage bags marked with the keyword "degradable" have become hot best-selling products.

However, although people deliberately choose to use "degradable plastic bags", little is known about the concept of "degradable. The market for degradable garbage bags is complex. Many ordinary garbage bag manufacturers have changed and started the business of degradable garbage bags without necessary technical research and development. Even some merchants, buying at low prices and selling at high prices, even without factories, started the business of degradable garbage bags. Therefore, when purchasing degradable garbage bags, we should pay attention to finding regular manufacturers to customize them!

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