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Silicone Reusable Straws

Silicone Straws
Silicone Straws
Silicone Straws
Custom Silicone Drinking Straws
Custom Silicone Drinking Straws

Food grade silicone is widely used in children's bottles and pacifiers. The silicone straw is made of food-grade silicone, which is safe and environmentally friendly, easy to carry, easy to clean, and reusable. The silicone straw is flexible and foldable. Users can enjoy the fun of biting the straw freely while drinking, which is very popular with children and young people.

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Specifications of Wholesale Silicone Straws 


 Reusable Silicone Straw

 100%Premium Food Grade Silicone

 12 Different Colors(Customized Color Available)


 10 or 12 different colors in a bag, paired with stainless steel straw brush

  • BPA-free, BPS Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free, Non-Toxic, Non-Leaching, Tasteless.

  • Not for use in microwave.

  • Dishwasher safe + Stainless steel straw brush.

  • Multi-functional flexibility



Advantages of SOTON Silicone Straws Bulk

  • Raw material: 100% Food-grade Silicone which meets the French Standards and passes the ROHS. So, our silicone straw is safer and has higher quality.

  • High temperature resistant, multiple application scenarios.

  • The soft texture and harmless material are perfect for children and pregnant women.  

  • Our silicone straw has been imported by most countries in Europe and the United States, which would be your perfect choice.

  • Eco-friendly choice, replace plastic straw with reusable silicone straw

  • Cheap wholesale price with fast shipment

Wholesale Silicone Straws From SOTON

As Plastics Ban Order has been issued, more and more food-grade silicone straws have entered the market. We can provide collapsible silicone straws, foldable silicone straws, etc. Reusable silicone drinking straws have been welcomed by the public.

We, as a company of silicone straws, support wholesale silicone straws and can custom silicone straws according to your demands. If you want to buy silicone straws, please contact us.

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