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Shocked! 30,000,000 Plastic Garbage From The Takeout Service. Let's Use Bamboo Straws And Start Our Life Of Environment Protection

When you open the Takeout Service App on your mobile phone,

would you feel it is quite convenient to order food?

Soton Custom Bamboo Straws

But do you know that these apps would send out about 33,900,000 takeout food every day?

These dish box and dish tools are non-degradable under natural conditions.  

Soton Bamboo Straws Bulk

To settle this problem, the platforms launch a “Green-mountain Plan”, which aims to reduce the plastic garbage, together with the “Blue Planet Plan”.

In fact, settling it from the root, that is, settling the pollution of materials, is the best way to protect the environment.

Let us make small changes positively in our lives!

Replace the disposable straws in your hand with environment-friendly ones. Try this “straw growing from the earth”.

Sonton Personalized Bamboo Straws

Here comes the natural bamboo straw, which is healthy and reusable biodegradable straw, and would not pose harm to the environment.

Soton Bamboo Straws Bulk

It is made from the bamboo from nature.

The original bamboo color, from nature.

It can be totally degraded after being abandoned.

The bamboos have undergone the dehydration and carbonization treatment, so you could be assured that no fracture or leakage situations would occur in use.

Sonton Personalized Bamboo Straws

Sonton Personalized Bamboo Straws

This straw, which is made of natural bamboo, can be used repeatedly. It can handle when you drink water, milk tea, soybean milk. Just wash it with clean water after use. Quite convenient.

Soton Custom Bamboo Straws

It should be noted that the users could smell the smell of bamboo in use. Do you dig it? Let us live in an environment-protection way. For more other types of biodegradable straws, you can check this link.

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