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SOTON's PLA biodegradable straws are made of Polylactic Acid, which is a natural and completely biodegradable material. The PLA biodegradable straws can be produced as individually wrapping, flexible, art straw, sharp, spoon-shaped, and customized designs, with a diameter range of 3-12mm and length range of 120-300mm. The color of our PLA biodegradable straws can be customized according to the demand and the OPP bag, PLA bag, and paper box can be applied as the packaging. The PLA biodegradable straws are one of the most popular products at present because it is environmentally friendly.

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Specifications of SOTON PLA Straws

Size: Diameter 4-12mm, Length 120-300mm.

The most common size is 6*200 mm and 6*210 mm

Advantages of SOTON PLA Straws

SOTON PLA straw wholesale has good biodegradability. After use, compostable PLA straws can be degraded by microorganisms in nature and eventually produce carbon dioxide and water. Directly entering the soil organic matter or absorbed by plants, natural straw plastic biodegradable will not be discharged into the air, will not cause the greenhouse effect, and will not pollute the environment. PLA straws biodegradable truly come from nature and belong to nature!

  • The raw material of the product is extracted from corn starch, which is safe, healthy, non-toxic, and harmless;

  • This type of biodegradable plastic straws can be completely composted and will not cause any pollution to the environment;

  • A variety of specifications and colors can be customized, suitable for various scenarios, and easy to use.


  • Are Compostable PLA Straws Recyclable?

    Actually, PLA Biodegradable Straws can not be recycled, because PLA has a lower melting temperature that may cause problems at recycling centers.

  • What Is Alternative To Plastic Straws?

    Two alternative straws are widely promoted in the market, one is paper straws, and the other is PLA drinking straws.

  • What Are Biodegradable PLA Straws Made From?

    Biodegradable PLA straw is made of a new type of bio based and renewable biodegradable material, which is called PLA, also known as poly-lactic acid.

  • How To Use And Storage Of Pla Drinking Straws?

    PLA straws will decompose automatically when the temperature is higher than 45 ℃ or under the action of oxygen enrichment and microorganisms. Pay special attention to temperature during product transportation and storage. A long time high temperature will lead to the deformation of PLA straw.

    Due to the limitation of raw material performance, PLA compostable straws can not be used for hot drinks in the process of use. PLA plastic straws are more suitable for cold drinks. It is believed that with the continuous improvement and innovation of technology in the future, straw products with high-temperature resistance and environmental protection will be gradually developed.

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