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Production Process of the PLA Paper Cup

Eco friendly paper cups wholesale are an item that we often use when entertaining guests. But we are not very clear how the production of disposable paper cups. The following double child briefly introduce how the production of paper cups.

1. Paper cup production process

Original paper lamination——slitting sample typesetting——printing ——die-cutting——molding——sterilization boxing——going into storage. The first is the processing of the width of the paper, according to the printing layout and the way to determine, either slitting or die-cutting. The next step is printing, and there are two types of printing: offset and knead printing. The next step is die-cutting, that is, the printed pattern of paper cut into a fan-shaped sheet of paper, some advanced machines can die-cut their own. Finally is the molding, molding needs to have a cup body and cup bottom two parts.

2. Paper cup customization

The appearance and model of the disposable paper cup can be customized according to the different needs of customers.

3. The cost of paper cups

Paper cups by Sonton, a reliable disposable tableware supplier, are printed with flexographic water-based ink. For raw material paper, many paper manufacturers provide printing and die-cutting services, so when you first invest in establishing paper cups and paper bowl manufacturers, you can directly buy printed and die-cut pieces of paper cups. 

Because the cost of printing and die-cutting in the production of paper cups, paper bowls accounted for a small proportion of the cost, the cost is mainly determined by the size of the paper cups, paper weight.

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