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Environmentally Friendly Bags Wholesale

Using general plastic bags is harmful to the environment since it is not bio-degradable. With the recent plastic restriction regulation, environmentally friendly bags are a perfect alternative choice for plastic bags. 

Soton eco-friendly disposable bags are made of PLA and PBAT with some additives (such as starch or calcium carbonate). It is fully compostable and eco-friendly. Soton, a professional disposable dining ware company, also offers different types of bio bags including eco-friendly binbags, eco-friendly reusable bags, eco lunch bags, sandwich bags, freshness protection package, etc. If you want to buy different types of eco-friendly bags, welcome to contact us!

Types of SOTON Eco-Friendly Bags

The Materials of Environmentally Friendly Bags for Food Packaging

There are many different requirements for making eco friendly biodegradable products like retractable reusable straws and bags. The external requirement of food packaging is to use the packaging to reflect the characteristics, performance, and image of the food, which is the external image, form and means of expression of the food. The external requirement is the visual performance of food, which is realized through corresponding technology, mainly including safety, promotion, convenience and recognition.

The internal requirements of food packaging refer to the technical requirements related to ensuring that the food maintains its quality in the corresponding packaging, including packaging strength, barrier properties, respiration strength, heat resistance, and light protection. It is the internal food to maintain its own quality. The requirements made in the packaging.

In addition, food packaging needs to consider the shelf life of the product. From the perspective of packaged food, it is necessary to consider the composition of the food and its shelf life, moisture, pH, and acid types, microorganisms, oxygen content, potential redox reactions, the addition of preservatives, and interaction with the package Role and other factors. In the subsequent processing of food, it is necessary to consider the environmental conditions such as the food processing process, the temperature, humidity, and light in the storage and sales process, as well as consumer processing methods.

Ecological reusable bags by Sonton, a professional eco friendly disposable glove and bag manufacturer, include disposable food packaging and recycling biodegradable garbage bag for you to choose from, suitable for food takeaway packaging, especially fit your need if you want to use it to keep vegetables, sandwiches, fruit, bread, grocery, and other snacks.

Eco Friendly Reusable Bags by Use

For bin bags used on different occasions, our products are 100% eco-friendly. For example, we have vest grocery bags that are designed for grocery shopping. We also have different types of eco friendly freezer bags that are mainly used in refrigerators and they are perfectly bacteria-resistant. Environmentally friendly reusable bags by Sonton, a reliable eco bag bulk wholesale supplier, have excellent durability to stand up to wear and tear without deformation. Soton provides ecological bags for a wide selection of size and function options, we aim to offer the products that are the best choice for you.

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