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How to Identify Biodegradable Garbage Bags?

Nowadays, environmental awareness of the public has been rapidly improved and the degradable garbage bags have been the top priority of people when garbage bags are needed. In the market, tens of thousands of fake degradable garbage bags spring out, which make the customers confused. After all, it is clear that people would be furious when they are eager to do some contributions to the environment but cheated. Then, as a manufacturer of degradable garbage bags, SOTON will instruct the public how to tell the degradable garbage bags.

Ⅰ. Check the materials of degradable garbage bags

At present, the materials of biodegradable garbage bags wholesale are generally PBAT, PLA, biology base HDPE and LEPE, while the ordinary plastics are made from Polystyrene, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. Therefore, obviously, they are completely distinguished by the materials.

Ⅱ. Check the expiration date on the outer packing of degradable garbage bags

From the perspective of whether there is the expiration date on the outer packaging of degradable garbage bags, the ordinary plastic bags have no expiration date and can be used at any time, while degradable garbage bags are different, and their expiration dates vary from half a year to a year according to different materials. Of course, the above two points can be identified in the purchase of plastic bags with external packaging instructions, if there is no external packaging instructions, other methods shall be used to identify.

Ⅲ. Check the odor of degradable garbage bags

Many eco products suppliers provide biodegradable biological garbage bags that are made of starch from plant resources, so they can smell a faint fragrance from those bags. If you smell the fragrance of corn and cassava, you can be sure that they are biodegradable. If the odor is different from above, they are ordinary plastic bags.

Ⅳ. Check the usage of chemical reagents on degradable garbage bags

Dichloromethane can be used to dissolve it. Degradable garbage bags are completely dissolved, while ordinary plastic bags are not dissolved.

Bio garbage bag is one of the essential items in our daily life. In recent years, SOTON DAILY NECESSITIES CO., LTD.Y.W focuses on the development of environmentally friendly biodegradable corn starch and PLA garbage bags on the basis of the production of PE garbage bags, providing a variety of sizes and categories of ecological biodegradable bags for customers. At present, the three materials of our SOTON degradable garbage bags have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions. If you have any requirements, please order our products online!

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