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Introduction to the Materials and Shelf Life of Degradable Garbage Bags

Bio-green degradable garbage bag is a kind of garbage bag that is currently advocated. Many people have only heard this term recently, and it feels very novel. First of all, let me introduce to you what materials are degradable garbage bags.

1. Materials for making degradable garbage bags

Degradable garbage bags are mainly made of natural polymer materials (such as starch, cellulose) or natural microorganisms, such as thermoplastic starch plastics, aliphatic polyesters, polylactic acid, starch, etc. Under composting conditions, due to the biological reaction process, plastic can be degraded and dissolved, and then completely degraded into new biomass such as carbon dioxide and water. The materials and products of degradable garbage bags need to meet the following three requirements:

(1) When the material or product passes the three-month composting test, 90% of the plastic must be dissolved into small particles less than 2mm.

(2) Within 180 days (90 days for the mixture), 90% of the material or product will be degraded and converted into carbon dioxide and water.

(3) Materials or products must meet the strict limits of heavy metal content specified in relevant regulations, and the quality of toxicological test results must be reliable for the environment.

2. The shelf life of degradable garbage bags

The shelf life of degradable garbage bags is determined by the raw materials from which it is made. Because its main components are natural polymers (such as starch, cellulose) or natural microorganisms, the shelf life will not exceed half a year, which is not difficult to understand. The degradation cycle is about 6 months, so there are no special circumstances. Please do not stock up on a large amount of goods. You can buy while you use them. Don't worry about running out of stock. SOTON specializes in custom-made degradable garbage bags, with multiple production lines, and can meet the wholesale needs of customers.

3. Storage method of degradable garbage bags

In the same way, because the raw material of degradable garbage bags is composed of natural starch or cellulose, the place where degradable garbage bags are stored should be clean and dry, and direct sunlight should not be allowed, because direct sunlight will accelerate the decomposition of degradable garbage bags, causing waste.

The above is the general introduction of bio-green degradable garbage bags. In fact, there is nothing magical about it, that is, it is easier to degrade than traditional garbage bags, can be composted for secondary use, reduces white pollution, and is more environmentally friendly, but its shelf life is shorter. Do not stock up in large quantities, and pay attention to the storage environment and keep it clean and dry.

SOTON is a professional compostable garbage bags manufacturer in China. We provides high-quality compostable garbage bags which is made of PE and PLA materials, and we also offer customized services for environmentally friendly garbage bags. If you are intereted in this products, welcome to contact us.

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