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Turning Rainwater Into Fortune

The story of Franklin flew his kite for lightning, we’ve all read about in our textbooks since childhood——back in the 17th century, there are people who wish to create wealth by harness the power of nature, just failed. Lighting is unable to achieve, then what about complimentary air, rainwater, well water? There is some thoughtful Zhejiang merchant around us, who devote themselves to scientific and technological innovation, with the utilization of natural resources, recycle usage of energy, while it reduced energy consumption, at the same time, save business cost.

Air and rainwater are valuable

What is the selling price for a straw? 8 cent! What is the profit of a straw? 8 mill! Lou Zhongpin, a Yiwu people, become a well-known biodegradable straws manufacturer by holding a large share of the world, using this tiny straw. What impressive is he is a little “Inventor”, through technology transform, he reduced all unnecessary costs.

Lou Zhongpin, a Yiwu merchant who starts his business with hand rattle since he was 15, what enables him to have a big business with tiny profit product, despite his design of strategic direction, he also constantly pay attention to tiny details. He believes that “With such tiny profit product, any small details of energy saving would be magnified”. A straw could earn profits of 8 mill, although every little makes a mickle, profits could be easily slipping away if no careful budgeting. In order for saving costs, Lou Zhongping aims at complimentary air and rainwater around us.


Gardens and fish ponds at the rooftop of Shuangtong Plant

The scene of difficulty, staff line up to share wash water impressed Lou Zhongping a lot, so that every time he saw the rain on a rainy day, he felt very sad.

Lou Zhongping happen to have a new factory under construction, he thought of rainwater collection at once, and with a combination of technological enterprise characteristics, he hides in his office for few days and designed a “Rainwater collection and reuse system” on himself. As a matter of fact, the principle is very simple, have well construction of rainwater collection point in the roof, road, green belt, with the underground pipeline to connect them into a whole, after scientific filtration, the collection to an area of more than 500 square meters, the total capacity of 1,200 tons of water pond. This rainwater can be used as water for fire fighting, grinding tool cooling water in the workshop, and can also be used for toilet flushing in the workshop, greening irrigation, road flushing, etc.

“In fact, fertilizer does not flow outsiders field”, I would not waste a single drop of rainwater that falls into my 18-acre factory plot”. Lou Zhongping said It did not cost too much for pool construction, During the course of a year, the 18-acre compound alone collected enough rain to buy a Buick

As the problem of rainwater collection was solved, Lou Zhongping began to think about the wastewater used by his employees. How to realize the reuse of domestic wastewater through reasonable recycling? He consults a large amount of data after the thought of "water reuse system": the use of industrial wastewater and sewage, laying pipes in the staff living quarters inside the toilet, wash a face all employees, bathing, washing wastewater through the pipe to wastewater pool, sand, and activated carbon filter processing and oxidation precipitation, treatment after the water will flow into a storage capacity of 1500 tons in the pond.

"Reclaimed water is very mature in developed countries, but China has little input in related fields," Lou said. "It is not technically complicated to reuse the water used by the staff. The water is pumped to the roof through a pump set in the pool, which is specially used for toilet flushing and green irrigation in dormitory bathrooms. This alone saves us 50,000 tons of domestic water and nearly 200,000 yuan of water expenditure every year".

The reporter saw that Lou Zhongping said this is not complicated technology, only a toilet has 7 water pipes, all the way is tap water, for the staff to wash; All the way is pure water for employees to drink; All the way from the workshop from the transfer of 45 degrees of hot water, for the staff to bathe; Along the way, collect the sewage of employees after washing their faces, bathing, washing and taking clothes; On one side are special pipes for collecting wastewater; Along the way are pipes that carry treated recycled water to rooms for flushing toilets; The last line is the drain from the toilet.

"Seventy percent of domestic water is used for flush toilets," Lou said. "After wastewater treatment and reuse, Shuangtong's domestic water consumption plummets. On the one hand, it reduces the discharge of sewage and wastewater, alleviates sewer load, and reduces environmental pollution."

After successfully turning the rain and wastewater into wealth, Lou Zhongping's thinking suddenly broadened: All the water in the sky has been used, but what about the air can be turned into wealth?

Louzhong has strict product quality control, s new workshop under construction, built a more than 20 thousand square meters to close the completely especially clean dust-free workshop. Such a high-specification plant is not only expensive, but a total of 300kW air conditioning is needed to maintain the "constant temperature" of the workshop. Not only are these air conditioners expensive to buy and install, but they also consume a staggering two million kilowatts of electricity a year.

A subtle opportunity, Lou Zhongping found that a lot of waste heat generated by the straw production equipment is directly discharged through the workshop exhaust fan. Why can't this heat be collected for winter heating? Can you replace the air conditioner?

Having tasted the benefits of the Internet, Lou Zhongping turned to the Internet again. To his surprise, he found a "soil method" for equipment to collect waste heat. The operating principle is quite simple: use large pipes to collect waste heat in the equipment area, and then transfer to the workshop that needs constant temperature heating for use. In winter, the original hundreds of kilowatts of air conditioning will be completely laid off.

"All the cost is in terms of the duct and the pump is quite little”.Careful Lou Zhongping had test cost used “new weapons”, this "soil air conditioning" not only saves electricity but also saves investment, low maintenance cost, low noise, no pollution, long service life, good heating effect. The construction of a soil air conditioner is simple, and its management and maintenance are convenient.

Lou Zhongping had made an account, by the usage of "Earth air Conditioning" for heating of waste heat collection system of equipment, which saved 30% energy consumption of workshop, Equipment installation cost reduced 70%, It can save more than 1 million yuan of electric charge expenditure for enterprises every year only at the item of power consumption cost.


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