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What Are the Four Essential Standards for Eco-friendly Food Bags?

Eco friendly food bags, as the name suggests, are food bags that can produce environmentally friendly value. So what kind of food bag can produce environmental protection value?

1. It can bear weight. As a food bag, bearing capacity is the basic requirement. In some non-woven food bags, the seams are directly glued together with no bearing capacity at all. Imagine if one day you were walking on the road with a watermelon you just bought, and the watermelon fell to the ground and broke. That would be sad.

2. It can be used repeatedly. The reason why plastic bags are called "white pollution" is because everyone used them once and threw them away if they felt that the bag was dirty or broken. Eco friendly food bags also require everyone to be environmentally conscious. No matter what kind of bag, you can use it several times.

3. The end product is environmentally friendly. When the eco friendly food bags enter the garbage disposal process, it will not produce harmful substances to the environment.

4. It can spread the concept of environmental protection. As an object that people use daily and frequently, the reusable environmentally friendly bag is a good medium for dissemination of environmental protection concepts. 

The degradable and eco friendly food bags produced by Soton are printed with words such as "keep white pollution away from the earth" and "get rid of plastic constraints", calling on everyone to use degradable eco friendly food bags instead of disposable non-degradable plastic bags, contributes its own efforts for the future of the earth.

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