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  • Is PLA straw made of Polylactic Acid only? Is this material safe?

    Soton Group PLA straw is made by around 70% Polylactic Acid and 30% PBS. It can be composted into water and carbon dioxide in 3 months under industrial compostable conditions, which is non-toxic. The raw materials are natural, harmless, completely compostable with no white pollution.

  • Which certifications do you have?

    For the factory, Soton Group has SedEx and BSCI certifications. For different products, we applied for different certifications. Soton has FDA for the US market, LFGB for the Europe market, BPI, Ok Compost and DinCertco for biodegradable products as well.

  • What are the advantages of PLA products?

    The PLA products from Soton Group can be decomposed after buried infield, which causes zero pollution to the environment. PLA products are completely in line with the concept of environmental protection society, so as to avoid the white pollution caused by plastic.

  • What conditions are needed for the degradation of PLA products?

    1.Anaerobic (buried in soil, less contact with oxygen)

    2. High temperature (60 ℃)

    3. High humidity (80% - 90%)

    Within 45 days, 90% of the products can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

  • What is the shelf-life for the PLA products?

    The shelf-life for the PLA products from Soton Group is varied from 1 year to 2 years based on the thickness of the products(the thicker, the longer) and the storage condition for the PLA products(Temperature, humidity and sunlight)

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