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Are Degradable Straws Better Than Ordinary Straws?

Ⅰ. The market for degradable organic drinking straws continues to expand

Currently, in the market, businesses are using straws made of environmentally friendly materials. Considering the consumer experience, many tea shops have replaced the paper straws that they have been using before with degradable organic straws made of PLA and polylactic acid, or provide a variety of straws for customers to choose from. At present, in tea shops, Chinese and Western restaurants, PLA degradable straws, biodegradable straws, and other environmentally friendly straws can be seen everywhere.

PLA is a new type of biodegradable material. It is made by using renewable plant resources such as starch extracted from corn. After use, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, and finally generate carbon dioxide and water, which is very friendly to the environment. In fact, most tea shops have just switched to paper straws. The important reasons for accelerating the iteration of straws are the continuous release of policies and regulatory systems by various regulatory authorities, as well as the increasing efforts to control plastic pollution.

Ⅱ. The use of degradable organic drinking straws is better than ordinary straws

The production cost of paper straws is three times that of ordinary plastic straws, and the production cost of PLA degradable organic drinking straws is five or even six times that of ordinary plastic straws. PLA degradable straws are subject to process and raw materials, and the production cost is high, but the experience of use is closer to ordinary plastic straws. 

Based on such factors, many companies usually choose paper straws when transforming, but the production process of paper straws is not simple. Take the rolling process as an example, each paper straw needs to be rolled with three layers of paper. In view of the different requirements of each customer and the different specifications of paper, the machine needs to be adjusted for each production. Even if the production can be successfully completed, drying is a headache for many inexperienced enterprises. It is precisely because of the cost of capital, technology and other factors that many small and medium-sized enterprises have not rashly transformed.

In general, the experience of degradable organic straws made of PLA is better than that of paper straws. However, according to relevant information, the overall cost of PLA straws is more expensive than that of paper straws. The production cost of a PLA straw may be 3 to 10 times that of a plastic straw. Of course, the experience of using a degradable straw is definitely better than that of an ordinary straw.

Founded in 1994, SOTON DAILY NECESSITIES CO., LTD.Y.W. is a mass-produced biodegradable straw company in China, and has grown into one of the largest biodegradable straw companies in the world. Over the years, SOTON has been committed to protecting the environment and has now expanded its product line to include disposable tableware and biodegradable garbage bags. If you want to buy PLA degradable straws or other environmentally friendly products, please feel free to contact us.

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