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Degradable Garbage Bags Have Become the First Choice for People

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, people's pursuit of material and spirit is getting higher, and there are correspondingly higher requirements for the materials of consumer goods. When people buy products, they not only look at the aesthetics of the outer packaging but also consider various functions.

Ⅰ. Degradable garbage bags are made of environmentally friendly material

As the white pollution caused by traditional plastic garbage bags has become more and more serious in the past, many new green materials have been continuously applied to eco friendly products. Synthetic polymer materials have the advantages of being lightweight, high strength, good chemical stability, and low price, and become the four pillars of the national economy alongside steel, wood, and cement. Therefore, synthetic polymer materials are also widely used in product packaging. However, while synthetic polymer materials bring convenience to people's lives and improve their quality of life, a large amount of waste after their use is also increasing day by day. They have become a source of white pollution, seriously endangering the global environment, causing groundwater and soil pollution, endangering human survival and health, and causing a negative impact on the environment on which human beings depend that cannot be ignored. In addition, the raw materials for the production of synthetic polymer materials will always run out one day. Therefore, it is urgent to find new environmentally friendly materials and develop non-petroleum-based polymers, and degradable garbage bags are an effective way to solve this problem.

Ⅱ. The advantages of degradable garbage bags

The emergence of eco friendly products of biodegradable garbage bags not only expands the functions of plastics, but also alleviates and inhibits environmental conflicts to a certain extent, which is a supplement to resources. Moreover, it shows the power and prospect of biotechnology and alloying technology in the field of plastic materials from the perspective of synthesis technology, and its development has become a hot spot of research and development in the world. Compared with traditional garbage bags, biodegradable garbage bags have outstanding advantages in performance, practicability, degradability and safety.

(1) In terms of performance, biodegradable garbage bags can reach or exceed the performance of traditional garbage bags in some specific fields.

(2) In terms of practicability, biodegradable garbage bags have similar application performance and hygienic performance to similar traditional plastics.

(3) In terms of degradability, degradable garbage bags can be degraded quickly in the natural environment (specific microorganisms, temperature, humidity) after use, and become fragments or non-toxic gases that are easily used by the environment, reducing the impact on the environment. 

(4) In terms of safety, the substances produced or left in the degradation process of biodegradable garbage bags are harmless to the environment and will not affect the survival of humans and other organisms.

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