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How Long Can Paper Straws That Sacrifice the Sense of Use Go on the Road to Environmental Protection?

With the comprehensive promotion of the ban on plastics, many beverage shops have also replaced plastic straws in time, and replaced them with biodegradable plastic straws and paper straws that are more in line with environmental protection policies. In the beginning, many people, out of ignorance of biodegradable straws, prefer paper straws that are more common in daily life. However, after the first month of the ban on plastics, the reputation of the two has undergone a two-level reversal.

1. People's attitude towards biodegradable straws bulk

Recently, topics such as "the reason why I hate paper straws" and "the happiness deprived by paper straws" have frequently appeared in hot searches. Such sharp complaints also fully show the public's dissatisfaction with paper straws, which are environmentally friendly products that do not pay much attention to use experience. At the same time, the environmental performance of types of biodegradable straws as environmentally friendly alternative has also been questioned. Paper products themselves are a major source of pollution damage in every process from the felling of trees to the production of pollutants. Some paper straws are also made of composite materials, such as paper + coating, in order to meet different functions, and their degradability will be greatly reduced. For this reason, many people even explicitly ask the store to buy biodegradable straws, and resolutely resist paper straws.

2. Biodegradable straws wholesale may become people's new favorite

According to statistics, in December 2020, orders from related suppliers increased by 300% month-on-month, and about 20 tons of compostable straws bulks were produced every day to supply the market, but the demand was still in short supply. It is reported that the current industry-wide maximum production supply in biodegradable products like biodegradable knives and forks is still unable to meet the concentrated outbreak of market demand. In the case of a temporary increase in production capacity, the current order delivery period of many suppliers in the industry has been scheduled to the end of March.

Since the compostable straws wholesale are still made of traditional polyethylene as raw materials, the EBP eco-degradable masterbatch independently developed by the company is added in the traditional plastic production process, and the original use performance is not changed on the basis of making it under natural conditions. It can achieve rapid and complete degradation. In addition, because it is still easier to obtain raw materials from polyethylene, the cost is relatively lower. It will not affect the taste, but can also reduce the cost of the beverage industry. And there is a steady stream of people who come to consult the biodegradable straws wholesale," said the person in charge.

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