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Several Types of Environmentally Friendly Lunch Boxes

Disposable fast food boxes are loved by people because of their convenience and can be seen everywhere in daily life. At present, most of the disposable fast food boxes on the market are made of polystyrene raw materials extracted from petroleum plus a foaming agent, which are heated and foamed. Polystyrene is an extremely widely used polymer material with the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity and easy production, so it has become the preferred material for making disposable snack boxes.

Disposable plastic lunch boxes will cause huge damage to the environment, so is it absolutely harmless to the human body? Facts tell us that the answer is not so. The results of a scientific study show that the raw material for the manufacture of disposable plastic lunch boxes: polystyrene is a carcinogenic environmental hormone substance. Experiments have shown that this type of tableware can cause the production of dioxins at high temperatures below 65 ° C, and it is the "most vicious" carcinogen that the media constantly mentions.

It can be seen that disposable plastic lunch boxes have great harm to the environment and health. With the further improvement of people's environmental awareness and their own health awareness, more and more people refuse to use fast food boxes made of polystyrene, and some new environmentally friendly cornstarch disposable tableware also came into being. The following is a brief introduction to several environmentally friendly lunch boxes.

1. Environmentally friendly disposable cutlery: carton

Paper is the most familiar type of material. "Replacing plastic with paper" has naturally become the first plan that people think of. Using paper instead of plastic technology uses pulp as raw material, molding and drying in the mold to produce disposable tableware. Advantages: The Environmentally friendly disposable cutlery made by this method is titled "environmentally friendly product" because of its non-toxic, harmless, easy recycling, recyclable, and degradable advantages. From a macro point of view, the use of paper instead of plastic technology can not completely eliminate the pollution to the environment, but only advance the pollution of tableware to the environment when making lunch boxes. In addition, the high production cost of pulp makes the price of paper tableware produced with pulp relatively high, so using paper instead of plastic is not a perfect solution.

2. Environmentally friendly disposable cutlery: plant fiber lunch box

In this technology, plant fibers are beaten into sugarcane pulp, which is then injected into a mold and formed under high pressure and high temperature. The advantages of degradable and Environmentally friendly disposable cutlery: the products produced by this technology are better in degradability and rich in raw material sources.

3. Environmentally friendly disposable cutlery: biodegradable lunch box

Degradable cornstarch disposable cutlery is a relatively advanced environmental protection product. It uses starch as the main raw material, adds annual plant fiber powder and special additives, and also adds plastic, which is processed by chemical and physical methods to make biodegradable fast food boxes. Advantages: Since starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it is decomposed into glucose under the action of microorganisms. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable disposable tableware is our only choice. We will eliminate the use of disposable tableware that is not environmentally friendly and pollute the environment, and contribute to the earth we live in.

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