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Degradable Corn Starch Utensils From Soton

Corn Starch Disposable Cutlery
Cornstarch Forks
Corn Starch Disposable Cutlery
Cornstarch Spoons

Cornstarch disposable cutlery is made of natural corn starch, plant fiber, and Polypropylene. The cornstarch spoons and cornstarch fork is made of 53% corn starch+47% Polypropylene. The degradation rate can reach 69% under industrial composting conditions after 180 days. Soton's cornstarch disposable cutlery is cost-effective with stable performance and LFGB and FDA certifications.

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Specifications of Cornstarch Spoons and Cornstarch Forks

Regular size from 6-7.5 inches. The size and the shape of corn starch disposable cutlery can be customized under request

Advantages of Cornstarch Spoons and Cornstarch Forks

  • Cost-Effective and Planet Friendly: Corn starch disposable cutlery is made of natural corn starch, plant fiber, and Polypropylene, which is safe and clean to use and an eco-friendly alternative for plastic. The composting rate of Soton's cornstarch disposable cutlery can reach over 69% after 180 days under industrial composting conditions. The cornstarch disposable cutlery performance of this kind of cornstarch spoon and fork is stable and cost-effective as well. Soton's cornstarch spoons and cornstarch forks have recycling value and protection of resources. Naturally degraded and reduced to organic fertilizer to restore nature (the natural degradation period is 90 days).

  • Proximity to Customers: Soton's cornstarch spoons and cornstarch forks are strong & sturdy, sleek & stylish, and suitable for hot and cold food, which are BPA-Free, Toxic-Free approved by LFGB and FDA for Food Safety. Our corn starch disposable cutlery provides sustainable alternatives, while still having the strength and stability of traditional plastic appliances. Cornstarch disposable cutlery is very suitable for hot food (heat-resistant temperature up to 248°F) and can be used in a microwave oven. Soton's cornstarch spoon and fork are very suitable for barbecues, weddings, parties, picnics and other activities.

  • Pollution free: As it is refined from corn starch and other environmental protection materials, corn starch disposable cutlery does not contain substances harmful to human bodies, so it can be safely used for a long time.

  • Zero pollution: When the product is buried in the soil, it can degrade to form carbon dioxide and water after 90 days at a suitable temperature, which will not pollute the soil and air.

  • Provincial resources: Corn starch is a renewable resource, which is inexhaustible. Paper tableware and plastic tableware need a lot of wood and petrochemical products. Using corn starch as raw material can save a lot of oil and forest resources.

  • High quality: The corn starch disposable cutlery has good tightness, water resistance, oil resistance and impermeability. At the same time, it has good high and low-temperature resistance. It is suitable for freezing, cold storage, fresh-keeping food in the refrigerator, microwave heating, etc.

Cornstarch Disposable Cutlery Material

The main components of corn starch utensils are carrier resin, corn starch, coupling agent, wetting agent and solvent. We use renewable plant resources made of starchy raw materials, environmental protection, safety, health, non-toxic, use more assured. Tableware is 100% fully degraded, avoiding environmental pollution.

After the corn starch utensils are discarded, under natural conditions (such as soil, sandy soil, etc.) and specific conditions (such as composting, anaerobic digestion and aqueous culture medium), they can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide, methane, water and mineralized inorganic salts of its elements after 6 months. The impact on the natural environment is basically negligible.

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