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Degradable Garbage Bags Make Environmental Protection Life Without Burden

Degradable plastics usually take about 100 days under natural conditions because the raw materials used are starch and cellulose biochemical materials. Biodegradable bin bags are made of plant straw and other items that are friendly to human body and environment. Different from the three major synthetic plastics, biodegradable bin bags can be decomposed by themselves under the action of biological environment. They are harmless to people and the environment and belong to green packaging.

1. Reasons for purchasing degradable garbage bags

Garbage bags are indispensable daily necessities in daily life and work. Garbage bags are really convenient and will not stain the garbage can. Usually, it is only necessary to mention them when you go out. When biodegradable bin bags are decomposed, they cause little harm to the environment and are very environmentally friendly. And it is strong and durable, and there is no need to worry about damage during use, causing garbage to fall to the ground and pollute the environment. It can be said to be an essential artifact for environmental protection.

Degradable garbage bags and plastic tableware are new biodegradable materials. Ordinary plastic bags and plastic tableware involve the problem of "white pollution" and do not decompose underground, which is harmful to crops, water sources, animal husbandry and human beings. After the degradable plastic products are buried in the soil, because the surrounding environment can meet the decomposition requirements, they will be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, which belongs to the organic cycle and is harmless to the human body and the environment.

2. Storage of degradable garbage bags

The shelf life of degradable garbage bags is only about three months. Even if they are not used, natural degradation will occur within five months. In the sixth month, plastic bags will be covered with "snowflakes" and cannot be used. Under composting conditions, even newly produced degradable garbage bags can be completely degraded in only three months.

Degradable garbage bags are recyclable, but they are thrown into the garbage can of dry garbage in daily life. In principle, degradable garbage bags can be recycled and reused, but it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between degradable and non-degradable garbage bags, and most cities do not have a special recycling system for this purpose, so they are usually thrown into the garbage can of dry garbage.

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