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Two Materials for Disposable PE Gloves on the Market

The quality of disposable PE gloves depends on their materials. As we all know, many plastic products can be reused. Therefore, the plastic products we come into contact with will inevitably encounter secondary processing. We can screen and choose before buying.

Ⅰ. The material of disposable PE gloves

Disposable PE gloves are mainly made of plastic PE. There are two kinds of new PE and recycled PE eco disposable gloves that is common on the market. Gloves produced with new PE materials have higher transparency, no odour, good quality, and sanitation; they are produced with recycled PE materials. The transparency of disposable gloves is not good, the look and feel is slightly dim, and the sanitary conditions are not up to standard, which is the main reason for its relatively low price. For consumers in the post-epidemic era, the use of disposable gloves is pervasive, but the quality of disposable PE gloves on the market is still uneven. The disposable PE gloves provided by Shuangtong are cheaper than other PE gloves on the market and comply with domestic and international food and medical-grade contact certifications. They are hygienic and safe and can be used with confidence.

1.  Disposable PE gloves are classified by a purpose: acid and alkali resistant gloves, electrical insulating gloves, radiation protection gloves, medical gloves and other rubber gloves.
2.  According to rubber raw materials or production process: latex gloves, moulded gloves, etc. Acid and alkali resistant gloves should be used in sulfuric acid (density 1.32) or caustic soda solution (density 1.19) at 45°C. Electrical insulating gloves are divided into high voltage and low voltage. The high voltage can be used under 6000 volts (test voltage is 12000 volts). Low voltage can be used below 1000 volts. Medical gloves are divided into two types: glossy surface and rough surface.

Ⅱ. The correct use of disposable PE gloves

1. Before using disposable PE gloves, check whether the gloves are intact. When using, please keep your hands dry, quietly separate the openings of the gloves, and put them in slowly.

2. Disposable PE gloves are thin-film products, should not be touched with sharp objects, and should not be used too much. The user's nails should not be too sharp or too long to avoid tearing the surface material of the glove.

3. Disposable PE gloves should not be close to the fire source and exposed to high temperatures.

4. Disposable PE gloves are disposable products. Please put them in the trash after use.

SOTON disposable PE gloves are a new product developed, suitable for housework, food processing, kitchen cooking, barbecue catering, personal care, etc. Our environmentally friendly disposable gloves can be customized in different thicknesses according to customer requirements and provide graphic design and hanging hole design. Disposable PE gloves are one of the necessities of daily life. You are welcome to consult our products online!

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