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Amazing! Canton Fair on Cloud Unveiled Quietly: SOTON Employed 24-hour English On-cloud Live Show to Attend The Exhibit

On Jun. 15, the 127th Canton Fair unveiled itself on Cloud. Different from the past, this time, the fair underwent the transformation from “face to face” to “screen to screen”. As an old friend of the Canton Fair, SOTON would not miss such an event for sure. Let’s take a look at it together!

Highlight No.1: The Place of the Live Show was Chosen as the Straw Museum of China

SOTON chose the place of the live show as the Straw Museum of China.

This is now the only museum around the world that could comprehensively represent the development and product culture of the industry. There are over 700 types of biodegradable straws displayed in the museum, which could demonstrate the strengths of the company better, get the consumers to know the products and the scale of the company through the live show.

Highlight No.2: Bravo, the 24-Hour Live Show!

The live show team of this kind is composed of the insiders of SOTON, from the host, assistant, to the technical personnel. In the preparation process, SOTON had been learning the information about the Canton Fair, the live showroom decoration, and the information of the live show, making full preparations for the first online Canton Fair.


The Canton Fair started, and the live show team of SOTON started the 24-hour live show and made an introduction to the environment-friendly products of SOTON in English. Bravo!

Highlight No.3: Environment-friendly Products as the Main Product

The exhibited products released by SOTON are degradable dishes, cups, and eco biodegradable bags, which are more environment-friendly compared to the ones before. It would better guide the clients to choose eco-friendly products and would meet the tide of plastic restriction.

Click for the Environment-protection Products of SOTON:



Highlight No. 4: New Display of the Company on Video

To make a great debut on the Canton Fair, SOTON spent RMB 200,000 1 month in advance, inviting a professional team to film the publicity video of the company and the products. The videos are required as high quality and brief in contents so that the clients could get to know the company and the products better.

The live show on Canton Fair also got SOTON many online orders and many high-quality clients.


Being transferred to “Cloud” for this Canton Fair is both a challenge and an opportunity for SOTON. The SOTON team will manage the exhibit-attending work well, get more clients, and make positive contributions to the world trade.

(Here is the Live Show Channel of SOTON. Please copy it and watch it on the webpage. Time of exhibit: Jun. 15 to Jun. 24)

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