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What Are the Differences Between Biodegradable Straws and Plastic Straws?

SOTON has developed natural straw plastic biodegradable since 2005. This straw can "magically disappear" in 45 days, which is very environmentally friendly! However, there is no difference in appearance between biodegradable straws and ordinary plastic straws. How to distinguish them?

1. Distinguish by the density of straw

The density of the biodegradable straws is 1.25g/cm³, and the density of the biodegradable plastic straw is 0.913g/cm³. Put two straws into the water separately. Due to the different density, the plastic straw will float up and the degradable straw will sink. 

2. Distinguish by the crease of the straw

Fold the biodegradable straw and the plastic straw in half. The plastic straw has better toughness and will rebound after being folded. The material of the degradable straw is extracted from corn starch, and the toughness is not as good as the plastic straw, and it is easy to flatten after being folded. 

3. Distinguish by whether it can be consumed in hot water

Prepare a cup of hot water. The plastic straw by Sonton, a professional biodegradable cutlery manufacturer, can be drunk in hot water. The degradable straw is not resistant to high temperatures. It will soften when placed in water above 45℃. It is only suitable for cold water. Soton's pla straws wholesale and compostable straws bulk has gained many good feedbacks from customers.

SOTON biodegradable straws bulk are extracted from corn starch, which can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide in 45 days under compostable conditions. It is 100% perfectly degraded, and it truly comes from nature and belongs to nature!

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