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Reasons for Using Biodegradable Disposable Gloves

Many people may use biodegradable disposable gloves when eating. However, many people are not familiar with biodegradable disposable gloves, and they will have many doubts. The following is some knowledge about biodegradable disposable gloves provided by SOTON.

1. Raw materials for biodegradable disposable gloves

Most of the disposable products like custom biodegradable cups are used in daily life are made of PE, PVC, etc. as raw materials. In the natural environment, these materials are not easily degraded for hundreds of years, and they are often deposited in garbage stations, river banks, deep seas, and forests, endangering everyone's health and life.

So a new type of material appeared: polylactic acid (PLA). Polylactic acid is made of green plants such as corn and cassava as raw materials, which is pure natural and environmentally friendly. And this product can also be converted into carbon dioxide and water in the natural environment, reducing environmental pollution.

After daily application, the biodegradable disposable gloves will be collected and finally sent to the garbage disposal site. The solution for general plastics such as PE and PVC is still incineration, which will cause a lot of harmful gases to enter the air.

2. The role of biodegradable disposable gloves

Degradable rubber gloves will gradually be converted into chemical substances such as carbon dioxide and water in the soil layer. It directly enters the soil fertility or is digested and absorbed by green plants, and becomes the nutrient of crops without polluting the environment at all.

For catering companies, disposable gloves are also consumables that must be used in daily operations. The use of degradable disposable gloves can reduce pollution to the natural environment. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many catering companies are gradually buying biodegradable disposable gloves for consumers to use.

Many individual users are gradually buying biodegradable disposable gloves as household daily necessities. Therefore, in order to better care for the natural environment, everyone starts with the use of biodegradable disposable gloves.

SOTON's polyethylene gloves are made of polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and LLDPE blown films. They are disposable gloves. The characteristics of gloves: waterproof, oil-proof, antibacterial, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial. You are welcome to order our products!

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