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Biodegradable Boba Straws for a Low-carbon Era

Low carbon, environmental protection is the theme of current era. The main source of environmentally-friendly sip straw materials is corn and other plant starches. The materials are natural, non-toxic, and highly breathable. They can be directly contacted with food and will not release any harmful substances to the human body. Environmentally friendly sip straws do not cause any pollution to the environment, so they are more expensive than ordinary straws.

1. About biodegradable boba straws

PLA, short for polylactic acid, is a new type of biodegradable material made from starch raw materials from renewable plant resources such as corn. The starch raw material is saccharified to obtain glucose, and then fermented from glucose and certain strains to produce high-purity lactic acid, and then the chemical synthesis method is used to synthesize polylactic acid with a certain molecular amount. Biodegradable boda straws have good biodegradability, and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water, without polluting the environment, which is very beneficial for protecting the environment and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.

Degradable and environmentally friendly straws are made of PLA+PBS and renewable plant resources, such as corn starch, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, and its appearance looks similar to a paper straw, with a slightly rough feeling, but the performance is the same as that of plastic straws, even higher than the hardness of plastic straws, and the feeling of using it is the same as that of plastic straws. Green life creates green business opportunities. For straw enterprises, only by accelerating technological innovation according to local conditions and developing green, environmentally friendly and economical sip straws can they stand out.

2. Safety of biodegradable boba straws

Are the sip straws on the market in compliance with food safety regulations? Now the products on the market are relatively chaotic. Many manufacturers' PLA biodegradable straws cannot pass the food contact safety inspection, which has led to the investigation of many terminal merchants, resulting in reputation and economic losses. The direct reason is that the biodegradable PLA straw material at the source cannot pass the food contact safety test regulations, which also causes many manufacturers of straw materials to encounter the risk of returning straws from straw buyers.

As a product that has contact with food, sip straws are closely related to our health. The use of degradable materials to replace disposable plastic straws cannot do harm to our health. Although there are a large number of substandard biodegradable straws on the market, with the improvement of market supervision and the continuous investment in research and development of enterprises, the safety problem of biodegradable boba straws has been solved.

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