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Disposable Tableware

Soton Group is an eco-friendly disposable products manufacturer in china. Recently, it has expanded its production lines to compostable tableware. 

Its biodegradable tableware mainly includes disposable multi-grid lunch boxes, eco friendly disposable bags, disposable packaging bowls, disposable dishes, disposable baking dishes and meal trays for you to choose from. It can be made from PLA, paper or sugarcane, all of them are eco-friendly.

Compostable Plates and Cups

Disposable Tableware for Various Occasions

Soton offers disposable dishware like sugarcane products. 100% environmentally friendly, no harm to the environment. Our recycled tableware sets can be used in various occasions, such as Christmas disposable dinning ware, also suitable for parties, weddings, etc. Some young people prefer using our plastic eco compostable cups, plates, bowls, and glasses as their sugarcane takeaway containers, which has become one of their daily lunch boxes, of course, it is because of their excellent performance of food storage containers. In one word, disposable plastic tableware with cheap wholesale price by Sonton, a professional dinnerware manufacturer in China, is the product you won't regret buying if you want to make something to help protect the earth.

Disposable Holiday Tableware for Christmas

Our Christmas eco friendly dinnerware provides different picture patterns like Christmas tree patterns, snowflake patterns and elk picture patterns etc. The disposable Xmas tableware not only provides convenience for you but also gives a beautiful decoration for a cheery and spirited Christmas celebration. Use the eco friendly recyclable utensils to lighten your Christmas holiday parties and get a warm family gathering. Our disposable Christmas crockery tableware sets contains compostable forks and spoons, plates, cups, and bowls, and the biodegradable paper utensils can be customized as well.

Disposable Plates and Cutlery for Parties

Disposable party tableware sets by Sonton, a reliable tableware supplier, are suitable for all party occasions with its cheap wholesale price. With these sustainable dishes, plates and crockery cutlery, a simple table setting can be transformed into a stylish themed party. These disposable party tableware are perfect for banquets, engagements parties, birthdays parties, baby showers, high-end dining and family dinners. It comes in different colours, patterns of your choice! 

Disposable Dinnerware Sets for Weddings

Soton's disposable dinnerware for weddings is made from sugarcane or paper. Compared with traditional heavy and breakable dinnerware set, wedding reusable plastic plate sets by Sonton, a reputable tableware wholesale maufacturer, are lighter, more convenient and environmentally friendly. The compostable dinnerware wedding from Soton offers reliable quality and elegant design. We offer all the categories of dinnerware for you from salad plate to utensil set. With disposable wedding tableware in our cheap bulk price, you can enjoy your wedding with a lighter and more convenient experience.

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