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Eco-friendly Food Bags That Are More Environmentally Friendly Than Paper Bags

The "white pollution" caused by the accumulation of a large number of difficult-to-degrade plastic wastes has caused tremendous damage to the global ecological environment. In order to practice environmental protection, many people choose to replace plastic bags with paper bags that degrade faster. But if you look at the entire process from raw materials to production and use to disposal, the eco-friendly food bags produced by Soton are actually more environmentally friendly than paper bags.

Are eco friendly food bags really eco-friendly?

All the raw materials of the eco friendly food bags are made of food-grade materials or food-grade additives, which are safe and non-toxic. The production process of environmentally friendly food bags is a physical process, which belongs to the light industry category, and does not produce three wastes and toxic substances. 

In addition, the whole production process is pollution-free and no bad discharge. After the recycled eco bag products are discarded, they will accelerate their degradation into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter through photo/thermal oxidation and environmental microbial action, and return to the ecosystem to achieve complete degradation.

Can eco friendly food bags be more environmentally friendly than paper bags?

We believe that paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. We often draw that conclusions from the perspective of whether they are easily degraded after being discarded. However, considering environmental issues, we should not only look at whether they are easily degraded after being discarded. We must also consider other related factors. Because from the beginning of production to disposal as waste, the whole process is "burdened" with the environmental impact. This process is called "product life cycle analysis".

Paper bags consume a lot of wood just as raw materials. The production of each batch of paper bags represents the disappearance of a forest. In addition, some disadvantages of the paper bag itself, including poor load-bearing capacity and non-waterproofing, cause the loss of paper bags. It is much larger than plastic products, which in turn causes more paper products to be consumed, and the impact on the environment cannot be underestimated. Even if it is recycled paper, the raw material saves a certain amount of wood cost, but the production process has to go through several steps of waste paper recovery, cleaning, deinking, and repulping. During this process, dust and sewage will be generated, which will pollute the environment.

Therefore, in fact, through product life cycle analysis, paper bags may not be truly environmentally friendly.

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