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Sea Turtles, Whales…..should These “animals” Be Made Of Garbage! Join Us In The Environment Protection

What would you do when you see garbage on the road?

Would you pass it by? Or pick it up and throw it into the garbage can?

There is a popular campaign lately on Instagram.

People would pick the garbage up, and make them into different styles.

This campaign was launched by the Dominique Family from the UK.

In August of last year, they went to Malaysia for vacation.

And took part in the beach-cleaning campaign.

At this time, the daughter pointed to a pile of garbage, saying: I saw a sea turtle.

Dominique saw the garbage on the beach. It was just like the shell of a sea turtle.

So she piled a whole sea turtle with the garbage collected and published it onto Instagram.

Unexpectedly, it raised great responses.

A web friend left a message to Dominique: When we see garbage, we would take it as the fault of others.

But once the garbage is thrown onto the ground, they would be blown on the street, into the forest, beach, and the ocean.

I realize that it is the responsibility of us all, ‘cause this is our planet and hometown.

This is the reason why Dominique launched this campaign.

Would you join in?

A small change would become a habit,

nd a small habit would change our lives and even the world.  

Try the PLA Biomass reusable biodegradable straws of  SOTON.

It is made by emulsification of corn starch.

It would be degraded into water and CO2 after being abandoned and being piled for 45 days, therefore avoiding the white pollution effectively.

Start from me in changing the environment.

It is supported even with a small step.

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