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Plastic Degradable Straws Can Be Used to Do So Many Things!

Now everyone advocates environmental protection, so we will choose more environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic straws bulk. And we have discovered some uses to make the environmental protection level higher than the plastic degradable straws. Let's take a look at what else can plastic degradable straws do in addition to being used for drinking?

1. Use plastic degradable straws to place thinner necklaces and bracelets

When the thinner necklace is put away, it is very easy to rub and entangle each other. We can cut a small opening at both ends of the biodegradable plastic straw, put the necklace or bracelet into the plastic biodegradable straw, and clip the head of the necklace into the small opening and then buckle it together. Soton has quality pla straws wholesale and biodegradable plastic straws bulk.

2. Bottled tomato sauce is not easy to pour out. As long as a plastic degradable drinking straw is inserted, air will enter the bottom of the bottle and the viscous tomato sauce will easily flow down.

3. When making strawberry jam, lightly hold the clean strawberry, pass the degradable plastic straws from the tip of the strawberry, through the strawberry, and poke it towards the root of the stalk. The strawberry stalk is easily removed.

4. When making dishes or drinks, lemon juice is often needed

We can rub the lemon between the hand and the table until it is soft, or put it in the microwave for 10 seconds, then cut off a small piece of the outer skin of the lemon without the stalk, insert the plastic degradable straw into it, and squeeze it by hand. The lemon juice flows down the plastic degradable straw. Cover the mouth of the plastic degradable straw with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for next use. Remember, you must use a thicker tube. Using a plastic degradable straw to take lemon juice is more convenient and easier to store than cutting a lemon to take juice. For any else types of biodegradable straws,  You can check more information by this link.

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