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Features of Biodegradable Straws

1. What is the biodegradable straw made of?

"Biodegradable straw" is made of PLA+PBS and uses renewable plant resources. For example, corn starch is a new type of polyester material produced by microbial fermentation and extraction to produce lactic acid as the main raw material, and then it goes through refining, dehydration and oligomerization, high-temperature pyrolysis, and polymerization. Degradable straws have the basic characteristics of general polymer materials, which can be used for most synthetic plastics and can be widely used in a variety of industries.

Since starch is a kind of biodegradable natural polymer for eco friendly plates and forks, it can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in 45 days under composting conditions after discarded and does not pollute the environment. However, ordinary plastic straws will not automatically degrade after being used and discarded, which will pollute the environment to a certain extent. Soton's R&D developed safety biodegradable straws with high quality, and we have gained many customer's good recommendations from the board and overseas. Inquiry compostable straws bulk today, we will give your direct factory price.

2. The characteristics of biodegradable straws wholesale

The appearance and performance of biodegradable straws are close to traditional straws made of polypropylene. The product has good gloss and transparency, has the advantages of safety, hygiene, environmental protection, and biodegradability, and the shelf life can be up to 12 months.

Lactic acid, the monomer of the biodegradable straw, is a food additive and a biocompatible substance. Therefore, the degradable straw is a material with higher food contact safety, and the degradable straw has excellent biodegradability.

Compared with paper straws, biodegradable straws wholesale by Sonton, a professional biodegradable cutlery manufacturer, has the following advantages:

1) It is clean, hygienic, safe to use and caters to the requirements of green awareness.

2) The user experience is very good, it will not soften, and there is no peculiar smell.

3) It can be degraded into organic fertilizer, returning to nature, which greatly protects the social ecological environment.

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