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The Degradation Process of Biodegradable Bin Bags

The definition of a biodegradable garbage bag is that the chemical structure of a biodegradable garbage bag changes significantly under certain environmental conditions. The physical properties of biodegradable garbage bags can be measured by standard test methods. 

The molecular chain of biodegradable products such as compostable plastic cutlery and plastic bags can be biodegraded by microorganisms in the waste treatment system or natural circulation in the environment, and finally converted into carbon dioxide (or methane) and water, and enter the biological combined cycle process. The environment is completely absorbed without leaving any polymer.

Ⅰ. The degradation process of biodegradable bin bags

Most of the synthetic pure polymers have the ability to resist microbial erosion. However, additives (such as plasticizers, lubricants, pigments, and antioxidants) can reduce this ability. Fatty acids remaining in plasticizers, such as stearate, will be degraded by microorganisms, resulting in damage to the polymer surface, performance, and even infrastructure. As we all know, the degradation of natural polymers by microorganisms is accomplished by enzymes and proteins produced in the process of biosynthesis. 

These enzyme proteins can be located in the cell wall or cell protoplast structure. Some enzymes can sneak into the surrounding environment, while others stay in the cell and are only released when the cell is mechanically dissolved or destroyed. Enzymes have only highly specific catalytic ability for biochemical reactions, and can rapidly degrade bio garbage bags under suitable physiological conditions.

Ⅱ. There are two degradation methods for biodegradable bin bags, which can be divided into:

1. Biophysical degradation method

When microorganisms attack and erode high-molecular materials, due to the growth of biological cells, the high-molecular components are hydrolyzed, ionized or protonated, and then split into oligomer fragments, the polymer is degraded, and the molecular structure remains unchanged. This is the degradation process of the bio-waste bag by the biophysical action of the polymer.

2. Biochemical degradation method

Due to the direct action of microorganisms or enzymes, polymers are decomposed or oxidized into small molecules, and finally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. The degradation method belongs to the biodegradable garbage bag biochemical degradation method.

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