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Food preservation bag is made of food-grade PP materials, which are mainly used for food sealing and preservation. They are popular with consumers because of their convenient use, cleanliness, and lasting preservation. Soton insists on strictly controlling every production process of our environmental friendly bags and is committed to producing healthy and reliable high-quality products for consumers.

Our company is committed to providing biodegradable plastic bag rolls for food. The plastic bag is not only safe to produce and easy to use, and customers can directly use it to store food, but also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

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Specifications of Soton Disposable Vacuum Bag Roll

4 products sizes are available:Small(170mm*250mm), Medium(200mm*300mm), Large(250mm*350mm), Extra Large(300mm*400mm)

Advantages of Soton Biodegradable Sealer Bags Rolls

  • PE and PLA food preservation bag can be choose by customers

  • Used to seal and keep food fresh, and is deeply loved by consumers for its convenient use, hygienic, and lasting freshness.

  • The PE material food preservation bag is highly transparent and has high tear-resistant. The PLA material food preservation bag is environmentally friendly and biodegradable to meet the needs of different customers

  • Material for the production of plastic bags is polyethylene, which is very difficult to degrade, and a large number of discarded plastic bags are buried in the ground. When the plastic bags used by people are replaced with degradable plastic bags, it only takes a few months to complete the degradation.

  • Reduce carbon emissions: The carbon dioxide released by biodegradable plastics during the degradation process is less than that of traditional plastics because biodegradable plastic bags are not produced by polyethylene.

  • Reduce energy consumption: plastic bags will consume fossil fuels in the production process, and biodegradable plastic bags will reduce fossil fuels by almost half.

Soton Eco-Friendly Food Storage Bags Application

As an environmentally friendly food packaging bag, the packaging bag is formed by inserting the main bag and several auxiliary bags through an inserting piece and an inserting bag. The main bag is provided with an engaging structure and a tongue at its open end. The bag is provided with a shielding piece and a tongue piece at its open end. Using this packaging bag, you can take the food in the main bag anytime and anywhere, and collect the peels, pits, and other wastes after eating in the secondary bag, and then throw the secondary bag into the trash. Use this packaging bag It not only brings a lot of conveniences for people to travel or eat snack food in public places but also adapts to the needs of the development of social civilization. If you want to learn about the application of eco-friendly food storage bags, please contact us!

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