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Some Misconceptions About Environmentally Friendly and Degradable Garbage Bags

Speaking of garbage bags, everyone must be familiar with them. Whether it is in daily life, work or walking in the streets, garbage bags are indispensable as long as there are places where garbage is generated. Also, with the improvement of people's environmental protection awareness, degradable The use of eco friendly garbage bags is becoming a trend, and consumers are dazzled and even confused by the dazzling array of degradation technologies and degradation products on the market. Next, I will summarize some misunderstandings about product understanding.

1. Biodegradation of eco friendly garbage bags

You must have a lot of doubts about whether biodegradable eco friendly garbage bags are biodegradable? Here, I can give you a positive answer. Environmentally friendly degradable garbage bags are biodegradable and completely degradable. These are all tested by third-party authoritative organizations.

2. The efficiency of biodegradation of eco friendly garbage bags

In fact, customers who have this question should first explain that they have a certain understanding of degradation, but they do not have an in-depth understanding. There is a huge difference between environmentally friendly ecological plastic technology and common all-biological substrates. First of all, crop biological substrate materials are biodegradable. The rate of biodegradation is bound to be higher than that of the ecological plastic technology based on polyethylene, but this cannot be used as a point to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. Although the biodegradation rate of the all-biological substrate is much higher than that of ordinary manufacturers' products under composting conditions, composting The complex and harsh environment is also a limitation, but bioplastic technology, as a technology that can degrade plastics, can biodegrade even in the natural environment, so the technical specifications of one technology cannot be used to restrict another technology.

3. Material feel of eco friendly garbage bags

Many users may have this question after getting a sample of the manufacturer's degradable garbage bags. Is it degradable? Why does the hand feel and texture are exactly the same as ordinary plastic bags? How to distinguish whether the product is degradable? In fact, most of the customers who have doubts about the texture and texture are those who have used starch-based and all-biological-based products, so they think that degradable and ordinary should be different. But this is precisely the uniqueness of the manufacturer's technology. Taking polyethylene as the base material, the degradation of polyethylene is achieved by adding degradable masterbatch. At the same time, the product has the special properties of unchanged performance and complete degradation. The biggest selling point of the manufacturer's products, but also the best substitute for the existing ordinary plastic bag products on the market.

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