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Plastic Straws Are Changing and Paper Straws Are Becoming Popular

With the release of the "plastic restriction order" and the popularization of the concept of green environmental protection, the beverage market has quietly undergone a "straw revolution". Many businesses have replaced the plastic straws in the store with degradable straws or paper organic drinking straws. The vast majority of consumers expressed their approval and support for the experience of this straw "dressing".

1. Plastic sip straws are changing

In recent days, many businesses have responded to the call one after another and replaced plastic straws with degradable paper sip straws. For example, some well-known milk tea chains have early started to use paper sip straws, degradable organic drinking straws, or direct drinking cup lids to replace plastic straws.

In addition to the replacement of plastic straws in beverage stores with paper straws, some take-out plastic packaging has also been changed to degradable packagings such as paper bags and paper cups. After a period of use and large-scale promotion, paper packaging has gradually been accepted by customers and has received a lot of praise. In addition, some businesses have also put a lot of effort into the packaging of sip straws. For example, green propaganda slogans such as "loving the environment are starting with a straw", "paper straws focus on environmental protection and green health" are prominently printed on the packaging bags, so as to better promote the concept of environmental protection to the public.

2. Paper sip straws are gradually gaining popularity

Although the new paper straws are welcomed by most customers, there are also a very small number of customers who have a poor experience of using paper straws due to personal habits and material problems. But even so, while complaining, citizens also expressed their support for the "replacement" of plastic sip straws, which they said was acceptable for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Compared with the non-degradable plastic straws we used before, using paper straws is still relatively economical and environmentally friendly. In this regard, ensuring the consumption experience of milk tea lovers requires the joint efforts of the supply side and the consumer side to reduce the use of single-use plastics or increase the use cycle of plastics. While implementing the plastic restriction order, the catering industry should also raise its requirements in terms of product quality. On the other hand, consumers can also try to bring their own recyclable sip straws made of stainless steel and tempered glass.

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