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How to Avoid Buying Unqualified Organic Straws?

Unqualified degradable straws may be produced and processed from recycled waste plastics. Once exposed to high temperatures, toxic substances will be produced, which will endanger health. The quality of the "three-no" plastic degradable straws is obviously problematic. In view of the use of inferior or recycled plastic production and processing, it may be painted to cover the impurities on it. Once the unqualified degradable straw is used to drink juice or hot drink, the harmful substances will dissolve and enter the human body, causing adverse effects on health.

The raw materials for the production of "three-no" plastic degradable straws may be industrial-grade polyethylene or waste plastics. If consumers use it for a long time, it will be detrimental to the human liver, and even lead to blood diseases or neurological diseases. The brighter the color of the degradable straw, the greater the safety risk. If you use the unqualified degradable straw, the harmful substances inside will be released and endanger the health of consumers. So how can we avoid buying three non-degradable straws? Mainly pay attention to the following three points:

1. Take a look

First, check whether the outer packaging of the degradable organic straw has "QS"; whether the degradable straw is colored or not, if it is colored, its safety factor will be reduced, and special attention should be paid to the one with darker color; whether there are small black spots or broken air bubbles in the degradable straw, because these are all unqualified product characteristics.

2. Smell

Check for a choking odor on the biodegradable straws before they come into touch with the drink.

3. Make a pinch

If you squeeze the straw, it will be flat and not malleable, then it means that the degradable hot sips straw is made of relatively thin material, the quality is poor, and it will be very easy to be sucked flat during use.

After the degradable straw is exposed to high temperature, the toxic and harmful substances in the plastic will dissolve. In addition, it is not excluded that there are heavy metal impurities in it. Long-term use of low-quality degradable straws may affect the human liver, resulting in blood diseases or nervous system diseases. In severe cases, it can also cause cancer.

The material of degradable organic straws is mainly polypropylene, commonly known as PP. Degradable straws produced by regular manufacturers need to go through many processes. Qualified degradable straws produced from polypropylene can withstand high temperatures of about 80 °C, and will not emit plastic smell when heated. Other illegal traders use recycled plastic products to make mixed plastics, and the quality of their products is difficult to guarantee. The qualified degradable straws produced by regular manufacturers are non-toxic and have no side effects on the human body.

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