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SOTON:Less than 1 Ton Water used by 600 Employees! The Plant Phase II Realized the Substitution of Running Water with Rain Water. Saving RMB 1,000,000 for a Year

Days ago, Lou Zhongping released a video on Douyin, showing SOTON’s “Rain Water Collection System”, which stirs the public’s opinions. 600 Employees used not more than 1-ton water? How could Plant Phase II realize the substitution of running water with rainwater?

Now, let us take a close look at it together!


The “Rain Collection System” of the SOTON Intelligent Factory Phase II is upgrading on the basis of the old plant. It solved the issue of life-use water in the plant area. 600 employees used not more than 1-ton of running water.



When you step into SOTON, you may see that even the rain would get the road wet, there would be no “flood”, thanks to the “Rain water-Collection Poles”.



The crisscross pipelines in the SOTON Plant get the rainwater pits and the water-storage pools together and extends to the corners of the workshops and the living area.




How could this practical system be installed?

In fact, there are many rainwater collection points on the roof, on the road, and in the green area, which is integrated into one by the underground pipelines. And upon filtration, the water is collected into the rainwater collection pool with a total volume of over 2,000 tons.



The rainwater, after filtration, can be used as fire safety water, model cooling water.

It is even amazing that the hot water used for the employees’ baths would not consume any electricity or coal. This hot water is the rainwater formed after being cooled by the model in the workshops.

The average water volume in Yiwu stands at 820 million cubics. The per capita water volume is only 392 cubic, accounting for not more than 1/5 of the country and 1/4 of the province.

SOTON turns rainwater into life water with the rain collection system. Let’s take this further, would Yiwu still be a city short of water if all companies could follow SOTON’s steps?

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