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Emerging Biodegradable Straws Play a Good Role in Protecting the Environment

Traditional plastic straws are very environmentally friendly, and this is now a consensus among people. Hundreds of millions of plastic straws are manufactured, but they can often only be used once, and then sent to a garbage disposal site or incineration plant. National policies now encourage biodegradable materials to replace traditional plastics. In terms of beverages, milk tea suppliers in particular have begun to use paper straws and biodegradable straws to replace traditional polyethylene plastic straws.

Biodegradable straws include PLA straws and paper straws. In view of the fact that pearls, fruit pieces, and peach pulp are often added to milk tea to increase the taste, a cup of milk tea is often drunk for more than 30 minutes. When using paper straws, the paper straws are often softened due to prolonged soaking, which affects the customer's experience of absorbing pearls and other condiments (but the paper straws produced by SOTON can be soaked in water for more than 2 hours). The use of PLA straws does not have similar problems. Therefore, PLA straws wholesale are a good choice for those who need to use straws for a long time.

1. Production of biodegradable straws

Now scientists have developed a straw made of a new type of degradable plastic (PLA), which is made of starchy plant extracts and can be biodegraded. Paper straws are generally made of 3-4 layers of paper. In addition, bamboo, papaya leaves and straws can be used to make biodegradable environmentally friendly straws, and biodegradable paper plates and cups.

2. The effect of biodegradable straws on the environment

These biodegradable straws bulk by Sonton, a reliable biodegradable cutlery manufacturer, have a great effect on environmental protection, but their disadvantage is that they are expensive. Degradable straws cost 4 cents each, paper straws cost 6 cents each, and ordinary plastic straws cost 1 cent.

Plastic products pose a great threat to our environment. Banning the application of pla straws wholesale is an important part of environmental protection. The convenience that plastic straws bring to our lives is beyond doubt, but the environment must not be sacrificed. The above is some knowledge about biodegradable straws bulk. If you want to know more about this information, you can contact SOTON DAILY NECESSITIES CO.,LTD.Y.W. We will try our best to provide you with quality biodegradable straws wholesale.

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