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The Shiny Glass Straw of SOTON, It Becomes My Love Already!

Busy days can be comforted by milk tea and drink

How great when you could buy a drink and take a straw into it.

Drinking with plastic draws, however, would cause great harm to the environment after abandoning them.

But how to drink without plastic straws?

No need to worry, ‘cause there are many environment-friendly straws already.

SOTON Glass Straws, for example.

It is good-looking and environment-friendly


Borosilicate glass Straws of SOTON

Made from Borosilicate glass, SOTON Glass Straws are clear in nature. It stands both cold and high temperature. No worries when you need to drink juice, milk tea, or hot coffee.


The wide glass straws are shiny enough for just putting it there. It would look different even when putting it into a common cup of water.


Drinking with Glass Straws Feels Great!

Changing color by day will bring you in good mood.

Many girls will love and hate drinking in hot summer, ‘cause the lipstick's color will stay on the glass.

Here comes a glass straw to your rescue. It is good looking to drink a cup of water with it and can avoid you from supplementing your lipstick color. Let us be exquisite girls together!


There are wide usage scenarios for glass straws, canteen, leisure clubs, offices, and homes, etc. Adults, the aged, and children can use feel assured!


Most importantly, SOTON Glass Straws can be used repeatedly, which is very environment-friendly.

But how should these glass straws be cleaned? Take it easy. The SOTON Glass Straw is bought with a special brush, and so they can be reused. Isn’t it great?

Up to now, I have enlisted glass straws into my List of Love. Do you want a superior good-looking glass straw? Come and pick it.

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