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The Production of Disposable Biodegradable Straws

In order to respond to the global and national plastic banned and limited policy, coupled with the limitation of degradable plastic raw materials, how to make complete biodegradable products has become the most important issue of research institutes and enterprises.

Ⅰ. Modification of biodegradable straws bulk

Biodegradable drinking straws like biodegradable cornstarch straws are based on blended by polylactic acid (PLA) with succinate and butanediol (PBS). The mechanical properties of the modified straw material with different formula components and the service performance of the straw product were studied by using melt index tester and microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine. When the PBS content is between 20% and 30%, the straw molding and use performance are in the best condition.

Ⅱ. Process innovation of biodegradable straws wholesale

The mixture of polylactic acid and succinic acid and butanediol is added into the equipment, and the embryo of the drinking straw is extruded. The embryo is successively cooled by water and air force, dewatered, cut, shaped and disinfected by the traction equipment, and the biodegradable drinking straw is obtained. Such biodegradable straw material can effectively prolong the degradation time, improve the mechanical properties of PLA straw, and effectively improve the ability of the straw to inhibit harmful bacteria.

Ⅲ. Performance of biodegradable drinking straws bulk

The mechanical properties of many types of biodegradable straws are basically consistent with those of traditional polypropylene absorbent products, and it has good tensile strength and elongation at break. A biodegradable drinking straw can be composted after waste, biodegradable carbon dioxide and water and inorganic fillers without pollution to the environment.

Ⅳ. Main technical indicators of biodegradable drinking straws on biodegradability

Bio decomposition rate ≥90% in 180 days under composting condition. The implementation content of this project is full biodegradable drinking straw series products. Soton biodegradable straws wholesale is an environmental protection product supported by the national industrial policy, which is in line with the current world trend.

In recent years, most of the biodegradable products of the market are biodegradable which made from biodegradable materials can achieve real biodegradation fundamentally. Its popularization and application will bring good social benefits and help to solve the problem of white pollution.

The production, implementation and operation promotion of compostable straws bulk not only accelerates the economic transformation of the engineering plastics industry but also brings a large number of positions and makes a certain contribution to sustained and stable economic growth.

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