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Reed Straws

Reed straw is made of natural reed. It is refined through collecting from the field, steaming, cutting, and packaging. The diameter of the product is between 6-8mm and the length can be customized according to the demand. The packaging method includes paper boxes and OPP Bags. The product is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

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Specifications of SOTON Reed Straws

Diameter from 6-8mm, the length can be customized

Advantages of SOTON Reed Straws

Plant stem is a kind of brittle and soft polymer material. Reed drinking straws take hollow plant stalks as raw materials, which is a kind of straw with toughness and certain hardness after physical and chemical processing. Reed straws made from plant stalks have no pollution to the environment and no side effects in direct contact with the human oral cavity. After use, reed drinking straws are easy to decompose under natural conditions. Even combustion of reed drinking straws is also pollution-free. And the preparation method has the advantages of simple operation and low cost.

  • The product is made of natural reed by a physical process, safe and clean to use

  • Can be discarded easily because it can be composted in a short time under natural conditions without doing any harm to the environment

  • The reed straw has a natural plant fragrance while using

Natural Reed Drinking Straws FAQs

  • Is reed straw biodegradable?

    Of course. Reed drinking straws are made of natural reeds, which can be degraded by microorganisms under natural conditions. 

  • What is a reed straw made from?

    Reed straws take reed rods as raw materials and have the fragrance of plants. They are great substitutes for plastic straws. The manufacturing process of reed straw is also very simple, which contains 5 strict processes to strictly control the quality and safety of the reed straws.

  • What are the sizes you offer and what is the diameter?

    The reed straws are taken from the reed stalks, so the dimensions and specifications cannot be completely consistent. The reed drinking straws of our company mainly have the following specifications:

    According to the hole diameter, it is divided as follows: 1. 5-7mm, 2. 6-8mm, 9-11mm.

    The length can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The conventional lengths are as follows: 140mm, 180mm, 200mm and 250mm.

  • Please explain how they can be reused?

    Reed straws are sterilized at high temperature and can be placed in liquid for a long time.The reed straw can be cleaned after drinking and reused for many times to reduce the cost of customers.

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